Rechargeable Lantern

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Rechargeable Lantern

Coleman Rugged Rechargeable Lantern is suite for your weekend camping trip. This rechargeable lantern's nine-watt fluorescent U-shaped bulb provides bright white light for camp setup, cooking, and playing cards. Use the 120V AC or 12V DC port adapters, which store in this lantern's base, to recharge. While the lantern recharges, an amber-colored nightlight still functions, so kids who stumble out of their bags for a sip of water will be able to see. Plug this Coleman Lantern in at home?if the power goes out, its emergency-on circuit lights automatically, so you won't be left in the dark.

Product Features

  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 10in (34.3 x 25.4cm)
  • Output: 9W bulb
  • Burn Time: [High output] 6hr; [Low output] 9hr
  • Weight: 5lb 6oz (2438g)
  • Recommended Use: Camping, backyard
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
  • Country of Origin: Bahamas

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