Dual Fuel Lantern

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Dual Fuel Lantern

The famous Coleman lantern quality, with the versatility of Dual Fuel engineering -- the Coleman NorthStar Dual Fuel Lantern will run on 2 pints of clean-burning Coleman Fuel, or unleaded gasoline! A single full tank provides 14 hours of burn time on Low, 7 hours on High. The Premium Dual Fuel lantern lights easily, thanks to Coleman's InstaStart technology -- no matches required, just push the button! (AAA battery included to power InstaStart ignition.) The Lantern features adjustable light for convenience, with a metal guard to protect the lantern globe. The Insta-Clip tube mantle is easy to install -- no tying required! Lantern weighs 5.35 pounds.

Product Features

  • Powered by 2 pints of Coleman Fuel OR unleaded gas
  • Battery InstaStart ignition for fast, dependable matchless lighting (includes one AAA battery)
  • 7 hours burn time on High, 14 hours on Low
  • Metal guard protects globe
  • Insta-Clip tube mantle ends your string-tying days

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